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Happy 2017

Assassins! Cyborgs! Ninjas! Zombies! Nazis!

No, unfortunately these are not found in our new releases; these are the reasons why the website hasn’t been updated in a dreadfully long time. Yes. Yes, we are really blaming cyborg ninja zombie assassin Nazis. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. The good news is I’m a vampire pirate and Jeff is the master of steampunk time displacement, so they took care of the problem while Brian and Chris … well, needless to say, Brian and Chris did little to help.

However, those two monkeys have been busy writing and publishing, so feel free to check out the updated website to see the new stuff, and be sure to check back (and Facebook as well) for some exciting news that will be revealed throughout the year!

Yes, I promise, now that Jeff and I took care of the cyborg ninja zombie assassin Nazis, the website will be updated more often.

  --- Christine, Chief Science Officer

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